Copernicus Health is changing chronic condition management

Copernicus Health incentivizes patients to actively engage in their chronic disease management, thereby reducing costs to the healthcare system and aligning the payer, provider, and most importantly, the patient.

What is Copernicus Health?

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or one of the millions of patients suffering from a chronic disease, there are many difficulties in navigating the management of a lifelong condition. A poorly managed disease results in serious and costly adverse outcomes; these are some of the most important contributors to the rising costs in our healthcare system. In recent years, there have been increasing opportunities for providers, hospitals, and insurers to share in the savings that are generated by improvements in patient health outcomes. Copernicus Health is putting the patient back in the center of their own healthcare, by allowing him or her to share in the equity that they themselves work so hard to help generate.

How we do it

We are putting you back at the center of your care outside of the office. If you save the system money, you get part of that savings. Now it really pays to be healthier.

  • Schedule

    Keep track of medications, see upcoming appointments, set medication reminders

  • Track

    Engage your doctor, follow your progress daily, boost your Copernicus Score

  • Learn

    Understand your disease, watch videos to gain points, test your knowledge

  • Profile

    Trade your points for cash, redeem for local coupons, boost your CH Level

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